Introducing companies that

  • Donate to the charities you care about

  • Offer exclusive deals to donors and volunteers.

Unlock a new way to give. 


You get great deals on the things you're going to buy anyway and generous donations to your chosen charity or community group.



Make investment choices aligned with your values with competitive fees and innovative services. Your charity or community group receives $100 when you move your super or open a new account. Learn More.



Source your Electricity and Gas from a progressive energy provider with great rates and innovative ways to manage your usage. Contributions amounts to your charity or community group vary, ranging from $24 to $64. Learn More.



Get a discount on health insurance and a percentage of your premiums donated to your charity or community group. Learn More.



Receive a $100 voucher with our fabulous partner Naked Wines just for joining Goodwill Bill. T&Cs apply. Join Now For Free.


Together we can have a real impact on the charities and community groups we care about, at no cost to us.

Most businesses have to spend money to acquire customers. That may be in advertising, or to lead generation or “channel partners” like iSelect. 

Now your favourite charity can be a channel partner - at no cost. 

When you choose to take up one of the offers from businesses on this site, those businesses pay us. 80% of that money goes to your nominated charity, and the other 20% we use to run and enhance this service so we can grow the impact our members have on the causes they care about.

We created Goodwill Bills to do 3 things:

1. Grow the amount of funding available to charities

2. Enable all charities to access new funding - at no cost to the charities

3. Democratise corporate sponsorships by giving customers the power to choose which charities get funded.

Hope you agree!