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Most businesses need to spend money to attract and retain customers. In Australia $13B is spent annually on advertising (1), all aimed at motivating customers to choose to buy from a particular business. For example: a typical billboard costs $30,000 per 28 days (2). That one month of advertising on one billboard could also have:

  • Vaccinated 60,000 children to prevent them from catching measles via UNICEF (3)
  • Provided 45,000 meals for those who can’t afford them via Fareshare (4) 
  • Restored sight to 1,200 people via the Fred Hollows Foundation (5)
  • Equipped 267 Surf Life Saving Clubs with a new rescue tube (6) 

What an impact that cost of one billboard for one month could make! And if the businesses that buy these advertisements can get a better return on their $30,000 by supporting causes rather than buying billboards – they will. It’s a much better allocation of marketing spend, for society, for business and for customers.

And it isn’t just advertising costs that can be diverted into good causes if customers demand it. Anyone who signs up for a product through a comparison service like iSelect, triggers commission payments from their new supplier to iSelect. By using Goodwill Bills to generate a comparison and find savings, and switching to a participating supplier you can reallocate those commission payments to your favourite cause.

It’s down to all of us, as customers to make the choice to support the businesses that are willing to reallocate their marketing spend into our communities. And remember, as individuals this means you get the fantastic benefits of signing up as a donor: 

  • Donate money to your favourite cause at no cost to you
  • Get great rates on your energy and insurance
  • Save on your tax bill 
  • Feel happier – don’t believe us? Check out this video!
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